About Heidi




Welcome to the Heidi in Houston’s web-blog. I am so excited to share some of my life experiences in the “space city” through this blog. Life can be hectic, but I will make every attempt to take time out of my busy schedule to share great photos and information of the places I visit, people I meet and organizations I connect with in our wonderful city. I will try to be unbiased, although, this will be a very difficult task to accomplish because Houston is a city that I absolutely love. It just seems very easy to always see the best this town has to offer!

Native Houstonian, CEO of Parkway Insurance Group, Inc, and Dietrich Properties, Blogger athttp://livinghouston.org Mommy of Two, Easy Going, Traditionalist, Digital Tech Guru, Social Butterfly, Love Reading, Photography, Dancing, Traveling, Entertaining, Good Food, Spending time with Family and Friends & Loving Life!

My mission is to use this website for business development and personal enjoyment as well as to provide advise in my area of specialization including tips for real estate and insurance services. To relate positive experiences with local businesses and/or other professionals. I will share and comment on news articles and current events relevant to both of these industries that directly or indirectly affect each one. I want to intrigue the community and encourage interaction in the form of feedback, suggestions, comments and dialogue. Become a digital native by using the web and the latest technology as a genuine tool to convey the personal service of my business.

This blog is also for all my past and present clients to connect with me and the various products and services my business can offer. For future prospects and other professionals to get a glimpse on me and my companies. For my family and friends to have a main site to come to and feel connected even when no communication has been made personally.

To connect my staff by displaying experiences outside of our workplace and use it as a motivational tool by encouraging their interaction. To help others grow their businesses and share my business experience, ideas and most of all the joy of Living Houston. I want to showcase beautiful homes, beautiful people and families, a beautiful city and so many wonderful moments that make Houston the best place to be.

Thank you for visiting Living Houston and come back soon.