SOLD! 3 Steps to Selling Your Home!

With this very unpredictable economy a very common question is “will my home sell?”

The reality is every home can sell as long as you follow these 3 simple and basic steps:

1. Don’t list it until it is in ready to move-in condition.  Too many people think that giving buyers options to change colors or carpets will be better.  Keep in mind that many buyers do not have much cash that they want to invest in repairs or upgrades.  Ready to move-in condition will help sell your home faster than others needing repairs.

2. Price is key!  Don’t over price your home to test the market.  Your hurting yourself in the long run.  The first 30-45 days are the most crucial.  You do not want to have your home listed with no showings because of  the price.  Neither the agent nor the sellers are responsible for the market.  The market is what it is and if you want to sell then stay true to market value.  Your broker should be able to give you enough data so you can choose your price wisely.

3. You hire a Realtor to market your property.  It is a proven fact that first impressions are the most important.  It is no different in real estate.  Be sure that the pictures of your property have the WOW factor.  If not, then request better pictures.  There are too many homes that prospective buyers and agents pass up because of pictures.

There may be other factors that prevent you from following the steps above. Your Realtor should be able to give you options and recommendations that are unique to your situation.

So yes, it is always as good time to sell!




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